Why Your Business Needs a Nationwide Commercial Snow Removal Service

Snow Removal Services

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that there’s nothing easy about managing multiple business property locations across the United States—especially in the winter. Snowstorms, blizzards, and the occasional nor’easter will keep you on your toes.

As a regional property manager, your job is to ensure every location is safe and operating well for your customers and employees alike. During the winter, every location must be ready to deice and plow parking lots and sidewalks, so your customers can access the store safely.

If you don’t have a comprehensive snow removal contract with a nationwide property maintenance company before the winter season, your company may be unprepared for the worst that nature has in store.

Our team at Renaissance Maintenance understands the complexities of managing property maintenance for multiple locations. In fact, for the last ten years, we’ve quickly and successfully removed snow and ice for large corporations with hundreds of properties in 40 states.

3 Benefits of Hiring a National Facility Maintenance Company for Your Next Snow Removal Contract

In this article, we’ll explore 3 benefits of hiring a national property maintenance company like Renaissance Maintenance to handle your snow removal needs, rather than hiring local contractors directly.

#1: You’ll Keep All Your Properties Safe This Winter, No Matter Where They’re Located

Imagine this: It’s winter, and there are three snowstorms hitting across the United States. Within minutes, you begin receiving snow removal requests from stores located in Montana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and other states. 

Let’s say you work with local property maintenance companies in every state where the storms are happening. Depending on how quickly you and the contractors respond, some of these locations may not have snow and ice removed for hours.

This delay can expose your company to future liabilities if a customer or employee injures themselves while entering or exiting the store.

By working with a national facility maintenance company (like RM), your company will have a streamlined process for snow and ice removal requests.

With just a quick email or phone call, you’ll place the request, and we’ll take care of the rest. We work quickly with local contractors across the United States to safely remove any snow and ice for all of our clients.

We require all of our contractors to carry additional liability insurance in case something does happen. At Renaissance Maintenance, we carry an umbrella insurance policy to further protect our clients from any claims or lawsuits.

#2: You’ll Get Your Time Back, So You Can Focus on What Really Matters

As a regional manager, making sure your stores run smoothly and perform above standard is your top priority. Maintaining each property for snow and ice removal can quickly spiral out of control, sucking up all of your day.

When you delegate these projects to a national maintenance company, you’ll have more time to focus on your employees and other business opportunities to advance your career.

Our dedicated maintenance team will handle these urgent requests immediately so you can focus on your goals and upcoming deadlines. Don’t worry—we have your back. We always keep our clients updated when a request has been completed (and we’ll stay in touch afterward to make sure you’re satisfied with our work).

#3:  You’ll Save Money, So You’ll Have More Money to Grow Your Business

Let’s face it: Hiring several contractors to process snow removal requests for every business location you manage can quickly drain your budget.

When you work with Renaissance Maintenance for all of your snow removal needs, you’ll save money. Before the winter season starts, we’ll sit down with you and negotiate a contract that works best for you over the next few years.

Contracts typically last for several years, rather than just a year, because snowfall varies every season. Overall, you’ll save more money with an extended contract, rather than calling a contractor when you need them or signing contracts with multiple state-wide facility maintenance companies.

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