FAQ: Are Floor Drains Required for Commercial Bathrooms?

Whether you have one or hundreds of business locations, it’s essential to have safe and functioning commercial restrooms for your customers. Rundown or poorly maintained bathrooms are bound to leave a bad first impression on your clients.

Floor drains are an important part of keeping your commercial bathrooms safe and clean in the event of flooding or overflow from toilets, sinks, or urinals. 

But are they necessary? Does your state require them by code?

In this article, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of commercial restroom floor drains and what you need to know about them. 

Do You Need Floor Drains Installed in Commercial Bathrooms?

In most cases, you are required by state law to install floor drains in commercial restrooms. However, every state is different. You should consult with a local building code inspector to learn more about your state’s laws. 

The laws surrounding floor drain requirements are determined by how many toilets or stalls are in a commercial restroom. 

Even if your state does not require that you install a floor drain, there are many benefits to having them in your restrooms. 

Floor drains save you from having significant water damage if something does happen to break in the bathroom or let water into your building. Sometimes, flooding isn’t caught right away. During this delay, a floor drain would help prevent more damage. 

Floor drains also help keep bathrooms sanitary. It has a trap inside of it, so it deals any foul smells from coming into your restrooms if maintained properly. In the event of a flood, clogged toilet, or leak, the floor drain will make the clean-up process significantly easier. 

What Are the Requirements for a Commercial Floor Drain?

Every city or state will have specific codes and requirements for commercial floor drains. They may require removable strainers covering the drain. There may also be laws requiring the drain to be accessible for cleaning. They may have to be a minimum diameter as well.

Commercial floor drains need to be used regularly to work properly. The trap that holds the water can dry up. As a result, smells and odors can come into your building from the sewer line. To prevent this, run water down the floor drain every so often to keep the trap from drying out

How Much Does It Cost to Install Floor Drains in Commercial Bathrooms?

The price to install a commercial floor drain system depends on many factors, including how many drains need to be installed and where the building is located. 

No matter where your business is located, our team at Renaissance Maintenance can help you install high-quality floor drain systems in all of your commercial bathrooms. We work with the best local contractors in your area to get the job done right the first time. 

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